How to watch Hollyoaks on 4oD for free outside the U.K.

How to watch 4oD outside UK

Yes, you can watch Hollyoaks outside the United Kingdom using Channel 4’s streaming media player 4oD (4 on demand).

You just need to use a smart DNS provider to trick your device and 4oD that you are located in the U.K. when really you are in another country like Australia, India or the United States (or anywhere else with the internet).

Like almost all other streaming television and movie services, 4oD uses geoblocking to prevent people from outside the country from watching their shows online. Like most technology, there is an easy way to bypass 4oDs geoblocking to unlock Hollyoaks and all of the other titles being streamed on 4oD. Even better, the same trick will also bypass geoblocks so you can watch the BBC iView, Netflix USA, Hulu and more from outside the United Kingdom and the United States.

The easiest way is to use a smart DNS service which transparently unblocks streaming media without doing anything else to the rest of your internet browsing.  If you set up a smart DNS on your internet router (i.e. the device that connects you to the internet at home) then all your devices that connect to the internet through your router will magically be unblocked to access overseas streaming video services. Otherwise, you can also unblock each device one-by-one.

A smart DNS service works in the background so once you have set it up, you don’t have to do anything special to unblock and watch overseas streaming services.  Just go to your favourite overseas service, bring up your favourite show, and start watching!

Want to know how? Just go to our home page and follow the smart DNS steps for Netflix USA (the same steps work for all overseas streaming services).

If you also want to protect your online privacy and want to watch 4oD on your laptop, Mac or tablet, then you will want to get a Virtual Private Network (VPN).  A VPN will protect your online privacy and you can also use a VPN to trick 4oD and other sites that you are located in the country of your choice.  Check out how to choose a VPN at our partner site by clicking here.