10 things to do with fast unlimited data internet (NBN or ADSL or cable)

Got unlimited internet data and want some ideas on what to do with it? 

Or are you considering upgrading to unlimited internet data but not sure what you will do with it?

Here are 10 (ten) ideas to take advantage of a fast unlimited internet data plan. Some ideas are simple and free whilst some take some work and money.

Idea 1.  Turn your big screen television into a huge aquarium 

With unlimited data, you can stream high definition YouTube videos all day and all night without worrying about your data limit.  One idea is to turn your big screen TV into an aquarium but you can stream all sorts of very long videos to make your television a window into tropical rainforests, waterfalls and mountains.

If you have a Smart TV, just use its YouTube app.  If you don’t have a Smart TV you can plug your laptop into your television or see this step-by-step guide on how to turn your normal television into a  Smart TV.

Here’s some ideas below.  Just dream where you want to be and then search for it on YouTube.

Turn your big screen television into an aquarium

or a rainforest stream


Idea 2: Stream your movie collection to your mobile devices and friends with Plex (free) 

Do you have an extensive movie and television collection? Have you converted all your DVDs and Blurays into video files? Perhaps you already use torrents on your unlimited internet (if you do use torrents, make sure you use a VPN to protect yourself; click here to see how).

Set up your computer (Windows, Mac or Linux PCs) as a Plex movie streaming server?  Once you have set up a Plex server, you can stream your movies and television shows throughout your house to other televisions, your Xbox or Playstation, Android phone/tablet or Apple iPhone or iPad.  You can also share with your family and friends over the internet (i.e. you can share your videos with them and they can share their videos with you).

Plex will automatically sort all of your movies and television, download cover art and descriptions to make using your video library like a professional studio!  Plex will also stream your videos to other devices like phones, laptops, tablets and gaming systems.

Take a look at this beautiful screenshot of Plex.


The first thing you need to do is download and install the Plex Media Server on your main PC (Windows, Mac or Linux) that has all of your movies and television video files.  Once you have downloaded, installed and got the Plex Media Server up and running, you need to download Plex clients for all of your connected devices to watch your indexed Plex videos.

For PCs and laptops (Windows, Mac and Linux) download and install the Plex Home Theatre program from the Plex downloads page (use this even on the PC you have already installed the Plex Media Server).  The Plex Home Theatre client is the easiest way to watch Plex. Note it doesn’t use mouse controls but only keyboard short-cuts like arrows and escape.

Plex also has apps for Android, iOS, Playstation, Xbox, Roku, Google Chromecast and more.

Go ahead, free your video collection with free Plex!


Idea 3: Endlessly watch incredible live streaming videos on YouTube 

YouTube now has live streams so you don’t have to search widely anymore to find interesting webcams.

(1) Just go to youtube.com, (2) search for your topic of interest, (3)  select”filter” for your search results and select “live” under the “Features” heading.

Here are some examples below:

Bears catching salmon in an Alaskan stream 

Puppy nursery 



Sky News Live 

Aljazeera English Live HD