How to unblock and watch HBO Now and Game Of Thrones in Australia

This is a step by step guide to watching HBO Now in Australia (for Windows, Mac OS X and Android).

HBO is the premium cable television service in the United States, with popular shows like Game of Thrones and True Blood.

HBO is no longer just a cable service though having released its streaming service HBO Now to compete with Netflix.

HBO Now is supposed to be only available in the United States and uses geoblocks so Australian’s can’t watch it.  Don’t fear though, there is way to bypass these geoblocks so you can watch HBO Now and Game Of Thrones in Australia.  It is a bit tricky though so below is a step by step guide to watching HBO Now outside the United States.  Once you’ve set it up though it’s easy to watch HBO Now in Australia or anywhere else outside the United States.

Step 1: Get a VPN to hide your location

First, you are going to need a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to trick your device that you are located in the United States when you are really in Australia (or anywhere else in the world). VPNs securely tunnel your internet through computer servers located overseas (in this case the United States) which is how the trick works.

I recommend buying a lifetime subscription to a VPN so you don’t have to pay ongoing monthly fees.

The cheapest VPN that I recommend is VPNunlimited which is super cheap and has a very simple and easy to use Windows desktop app.  If you have a Mac, try VPN Unlimited which also has an app for Mac OS X.

Step 2: Install and start your VPN

Follow the VPN instructions to install on your Windows PC or Mac.  Start the VPN and choose a server in the United States.

Step 3: Download and install an Android emulator on your Windows PC or Mac

HBO Now does not let you sign-up on its website and insists you sign-up using an app (Android or iOS) as mobile devices can more easily find your location (using GPS) and the app stores will not offer the HBO Now app to devices outside the United States.

Fortunately, you can install an Android emulator on your Windows PC or Mac.  The emulator lets your computer pretend it’s an Android phone or tablet so you can download the HBO Now app and sign-up to the HBO Now free 14 day trial.

For Windows PCs, download and install the Droid4X emulator at Remember you should still have your VPN running through a server in the United States.

For Mac OS X (and Windows PCs) you can try the Andy Android emulator at

Step 4: Run the Android emulator on your computer

Remember, make sure you have your VPN already running through a server and the United States.

Start your Android emulator.  Droid4X has an option in the bottom of the screen to relocate your GPS location using a map.  Pick somewhere in the United States.  Close Droid4X and restart it.  The Android emulator now thinks you are in the United States (you need both the VPN and GPS simulator pointing to the United States for this to work).

Step 5: Open the Google Play store in your Android emulator

The US version of the Google Play store should open.

Step 6: Search for and install the HBO Now Android app

If you can’t find it then the non-US version of the Google Play store is open.  Follow step 4 again closely.

Step 7: Open the HBO NOw app and sign-up

Follow the steps to sign-up for the HBO Now free trial.  USe Delaware ZIP code 19702 (to avoid sales tax). You will need to enter Google Play payment information to continue for when the trial period ends.  An Australian credit card will work.  An Australian PayPal account will not work.

Step 8: Start watching HBO Now on your Android emulator

or …

Step 9: Watch HBO Now on your computer

Go to, sign in to your new account and start watching!

Always ensure your VPN is running when trying to watch HBO Now or it won’t work.

Now you can watch Game Of Thrones and other HBO shows in Australia.  Great work!

And no, this is not illegal in Australia.  Just ask our Prime Minister who says it’s all okay.