How to unblock and watch U.S. Netflix on your Apple TV – step by step guide

Do you live outside the United States and can’t watch Netflix on your Apple TV device because it is blocked? Read on for this step by step guide to unblocking Netflix on your Apple TV.

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Do you live outside the United States and can’t watch U.S. version of Netflix on your Apple TV device because it is blocked?

Read on for this step by step guide to unblocking the vast U.S. video library for Netflix on your Apple TV.

1. Unblock geoblocking with a free trial service 

First, you will need to sign up to a DNS unblocking service to trick your Apple TV and Netflix that you are located in the United States when you are actually located in another country, like Australia or almost anywhere else. These DNS unblocking services get around the geoblocks used by Apple and Netflix.

Don’t worry, you can use a 7 day free trial (without any sign-up and no credit card) to check first that you can get it working before you hand over any payment details.

Go to Unlocator and use their free trial unblocking service and follow their Apple TV specific instructions.  Just click here to get started setting up your Apple TV for Netflix.

2. Start up the Apple TV menu and go to the Settings > General > Network

3. Select Wi-Fi for wireless network or Ethernet if you are using a wired connection (if you have not previously setup a Wi-Fi connection you will have to choose your network and enter your password for the Wi-Fi again if needed).

4. Select Configure DNS and select Manual 

5. Enter following number and click Done:

6. On the Network screen, check that that the DNS numbers you have just entered are visible and correct.

(Steps 7 to 10  below are unnessary if a local version of the Netflix app is available in the iTunes store, such as in Australia or the U.K.).

7. You now need to make sure the USA edition of apps are present on your Apple TV.  Please go to the Settings > General > iTunes Store > Location  and select United States

8. Go to settings and select Sleep now

8. Go ahead and Unplug the Apple TV power cord and wait ten seconds (yes the full ten seconds, not just two seconds)

10. Plug the cable back in on your Apple TV.


Your done! Sign up for a Netflix free trial and start watching Netflix!

The Unlocator service also unblocks over 175 other geoblocked services from around the world, including video streaming and music services.  Now that you have Unlocator, check out the many free and subscription based streaming services now available to you by clicking here. Happy streaming.

You can also search Unlocator for step-by-step unblocking guides for many other devices, including your iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac, Windows PC and modem router to unblock a whole world of streaming services.