Can I get Netflix on my ordinary TV (not Smart TV)? Yes you can

Yes, there are a couple of options to get Netflix on your ordinary television if you don’t have a Smart TV.

Option 1 – Smart Streaming HDMI stick

The best (but more complicated option) is to get a smart streaming stick that connects directly to your HDMI input of your television (yes you must have a HDMI input on your TV and also Wi-Fi access to the internet).  Just follow my step by step guide by clicking here.  This guide will also help you unblock the US version of Netflix if you are located outside of the United States.

Option 2 – Buy a smart Blu-ray player instead

The easiest way to turn your ordinary television into a smart television is to buy a cheap smart blu-ray player. Most new blu-ray players are smart internet connected devices with apps.  It’s much cheaper to buy a new blu-ray player than it is to buy a new Smart TV.  It’s also cheaper to replace the blu-ray player with newer technology in the future compared to replacing your whole television.

For example, Sony’s entry level BDP-S1200 blu-ray player has a heap of apps and, if it is set to United States settings, has a Netflix app (amongst others).  The Sony BDP-S1200 sells for less than £60, US$80 or AU$110.  You will however need HDMI input on your TV.

Obviously you will need internet access to get Netflix. Entry level blu-ray players require a wired network cable to your internet router. If you don’t want a cable the next model upwards usually have built-in wi-fi.

But what if I live outside of the United States?

If you live outside of the United States, then you will need to trick the Sony blu-ray player and then the Netflix app into thinking your player is located in the United States (otherwise Netflix USA is blocked).

Just following my step-by-step guide to getting Netflix on your Sony blu-ray player.

Happy viewing and enjoy the smart TV apps on (what was once) your ordinary television!